“Presidential Scholars Program”

In 2015, Terry was chosen as the lead faculty for the second phase of this program which selects and supports a group of individuals who are heading up and promoting civic programs that have substantial impact. The initial class of 65, narrowed from over a thousand applications, completed the program in August. Below is the text of Terry’s interview on Inspirational Communication, conducted before the commencement of the program.


Forum on Cross-Cultural Inspiration

In 2007, Terry created a three-day event in San Francisco that brought together 70 diverse experts from around the world to explore the elements of inspiration that would apply to people of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. It's purpose was described in the announcement:

"The purpose of The Forum on Cross-Cultural Inspiration is to identify the factors that are necessary to capture the imagination and inspire diverse people to bring them together in shared purpose. Through three convenings, we intend to learn and share the means to create practicum and curriculum for leaders to develop this capability."
You may view the announcement here:

At the 2007 Forum the experts explored four fundamental questions about the possibility of global inspiration:

 1.       Is  it  possible  to  inspire  people  towards  common  goals  and  committed  action  across  a spectrum of ethnic, religious, geographic, and cultural boundaries?

2.       If it is possible, what are the elementals of cross-cultural inspiration – what conditions are necessary for global inspiration to take place?

3.       What traits and perspectives must an individual or group master and demonstrate to initiate inspiration on a global scale?

4.       How can we put what we learn into practice?

Cross Cultural Forum Proceedings

In May of 2008 Terry published the results of the 2007 Forum On Cross-Cultural Inspiration. You may view the White Paper about the proceedings here: