Clicks and Mortar

What they're saying about Terry's book:

"If there is a better handbook on adapting to the internet economy, I have yet to find it.

Mr. Pottruck and his co-author, Terry Pearce, have produced an eminently readable guide to building a great enterprise in this era of relentless change and ephemeral relationships."

New York Times

"Clicks and Mortar is an exceptionally recommended leadership guide for aspiring corporate managers in the rapidly evolving and expanding age of the Internet."

Internet Bookwatch

"[Clicks and Mortar is] a timely book given today's dotcom crash-and-burn reports. Pearce says the recent market shakeout is a direct result of pure-plays confusing brand building with name recognition."


" ...they also include so many references to what makes for a good company (internet or not!) that the book is a kind of instant classic about hands-on leadership."

—"Top Nominee Management General"

"The New Internet Economy means high velocity change and extraordinary leadership. 'Clicks and Mortar' emphasizes the courage for the passionate leadership that is required in this environment. This book is a major contribution."

— Ann Winblad, Co-founding Partner,
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

"Pottruck and Pearce reveal the secrets to corporate vitality in an upside-down world."

— Gary Hamel, Chairman,

"During the next decade, professional schools will have to recognize that they are not just in the education business, they are in the transformation business.

'Clicks and Mortar' gives current and potential business leaders an inspiring road map to navigate the inevitable journey into e-commerce.

It has perspective, precision and heart; the necessary attributes of tomorrow's enterprise."

— John Quelch, Dean
London Business School

"As many of us in business struggle with figuring out how to properly use technology in our business processes, Dave Pottruck's background — a lifetime of dealing with just such issues — comes in very handy.

And Schwab provides an excellent case study of the evolution of a successful 'click and mortar' business."

— Andy Grove, Chairman of the Board,

"In the new internet-age economy, the most valued asset is not information, which is widely available, but the skills to use it wisely.

Among the most important of such skills are creativity, flexibility, and the ability to work as part of a team.

This book provides important insights from two of the builders of one of the nation's most successful Internet companies about how to design, lead and manage an organization that nurtures these skills.

The authors provide practical and inspired advice about how to build a corporate culture that weds the spirit and skill of people with the marvels of new technology for a winning business combination."

— Laura Tyson, Dean, Haas School of Business
UC Berkeley

"'Clicks and Mortar' is the Bible for future heroes of e-commerce.

It's brilliant and down-to-earth; a fast read, yet deep.

This book is the playbook for igniting the power of passion in your business, written by those who have done it."

— Scott Cook, Founder and Executive Committee Chairman
Intuit Inc.

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