Clicks and Mortar


In a world where companies are rushing to add an "e-" to everything they do -- e-commerce, e-tailing -- the real key to success still lies off-line. In this fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at this revolution, an inspirational leader and operator, and a talented and thoughtful coach and consultant, both engaged in the meteoric rise of The Charles Schwab Corporation, articulate and demonstrate the elements of long-range success. Culture, personal leadership and the transformation of business practices are the keys for leaders, employees, investors, and customers to all come out on top in this high-stakes, opportunity-rich economy.

The phenomenal rise of the Internet may seem to have transformed everything about business. But according to two men who have been at the forefront of the Internet’s impact, some important things haven’t changed: The future still belongs to passionate companies made up of passionate people. In this book, Schwab co-CEO David Pottruck teams up with leadership master and best-selling author Terry Pearce to show what it takes to build a high-growth organization in today’s electronic environment.

Passionate companies have cultures that are created and sustained on purpose, and that support individual contribution, team play and risk-taking. Passionate leaders are driven by their own personal values, and a desire for the health and success of their organizations and people, not merely the promise of an IPO payoff. Passionate business practices are dynamic, and are anchored by the principles that made the company a success in the first place.

In Clicks and Mortar™ Pottruck and Pearce translate their experience working together at one of the world’s fastest growing financial services companies into practical advice that will help other organizations adapt to the changes brought about by the technology-driven revolution. Through many stories and examples from Schwab, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies, the authors show how organizations can marry technology and the best qualities of people to create the perfect environment for profitable success.

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