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Terry Pearce
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“Your Leading Out Loud™ program is the most effective executive communication program in my experience.

My congratulations for creating a superb experience for our entire executive team.”

— James Nunan,
Vice President Human Resources,
Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.


“What a fabulous presentation!

You were clearly the highlight of our conference and attendees didn't stop talking about you ...Our volunteers left the conference better trained to work with their communities and learned new leadership skills thanks to you.

You inspired many which will have an impact on their approaches to preventing drug use among our youth.”

— Leslie Mihata Bloom,
Senior Vice President,
Partnership For a Drug-Free America

“...thank you for participating in Fidelity's recent meeting. Although we did not solicit feedback in any formal way (e.g., questionnaire), the feedback we did receive regarding your presentation was outstanding. It was clear that you influenced, in a very positive way, the discussions and sessions which followed.”

— Russ Johnson,
Vice President Human Resources,
Fidelity Investments

“Your perspective was inspiring and the discussion you led was enlightening. Thanks for providing us a fresh outlook on the art and science of leadership. Many members continue to request additional great speakers ‘like Terry.’”

— Paul Pierce,
Vice President Programs,
American Society for Training & Development

“What a treat for my students to have you lecture on leadership. Indeed, I sent out a year-end questionnaire for the students to anonymously critique the teachers and speakers, and this year you were at the top of the heap.”

— Lawrence Turman, Director,
USC School of Cinema - Television

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you so much for addressing our members.It was an excellent program -- inspiring, invigorating and very relevant for everyone, even those of us not at the top rung.”

— Patty Ginsburg,
Executive Director,
Commonwealth North

“I greatly appreciate your sharing with us your insights into socially responsible leadership. We have had many appreciative comments, indicating out leadership series is in touch with a growing need within our society.”

— William A. Sadler, Ph.D.,
Prof. of Sociology & Business,
Holy Names College

“Our Conference was attended by more than 1,000 delegates and visitors, and our attendees packed the hall to hear your remarks. Of all the Keynotes at this program, the applause following your presentation was the warmest and most sustained. Clearly, you were the hit of the lineup.”

— Donald M. Dible,
Project World

“I'm told that in the hallways and at the nightly hospitality suite — where I believe the real conference is held — our publishers constantly referred to your remarks on culture and leadership. Just two quotes from the evaluations sum it all up:

'Good actional information'

— Tony Ridder,
Knight Ridder

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