Leading Out Loud

1st edition

What they're saying about Terry's book:

"These days, technique and entertainment in speechmaking seem to be valued over substance. This book is for the executive speaker who wants to do something more than entertain: move his or her audience to action."

"Given its unique slant and the quality of the writing, this is one of the best books on public speaking ever written. It's also one that will help all managers get something they desperately need - results."

-- Soundview Executive Summaries

"Communication -- the single most important tool that leaders possess -- has to be a mixture of passion, compassion, and competence. Terry shows us in Leading Out Loud™ that no matter how passionately you care, if leaders can’t communicate that passion, they might as well not be there."

— Anita Roddick, O.B.E.
founder and chief executive,
The Body Shop

"An inspiring primer filled with wisdom on the most important of communication skills: being yourself and telling the truth. I recommend it enthusiastically."

— William Ury
co-author of Getting to Yes and
author of Getting Past No

"This book is about creating a powerful message that will inspire others to act and compel you to lead."

— David Pottruck, President and CEO,
Charles Schwab & Co.

"Leading Out Loud™ provides the most useful guide to leadership through communication I have seen. Terry Pearce helps leaders to better understand themselves, their message and their audience. It is a "must read" for anyone who seeks to make a difference in their community."

— J. Clint Cheveallier
National President and CEO,
Volunteers of America

"Leading Out Loud™ is more than a helpful treatise on public speaking. Its real topic is leadership-full-bodied, from-the-heart leadership."

— Tom Steding
Vice President and General Manager,
NID, Novell Corp.

"Pearce’s advice is brilliant. And you will be inspired to act -- to put it to work for you. This book truly delivers what it promises."

— William Miller, author,
The Creative Edge and
A Flash of Brilliance

"There could not be a more timely book in supporting the rekindling of authentic leadership in America today. Terry Pearce’s clarity gives us real hope."

— Andy Mecca, Dr. P.H., Chairman,
Governor’s Policy Council
on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
State of California.

"Eureka! Finally we have a book about the art of speaking as a leader that is about substance, not symbolism; about soul, not style. Loud applause."

— Jim Kouzes, co-author,
The Leadership Challenge,
Credibility, and Encouraging the Heart

"Mr. Pearce installs new lights on the path for those wishing to develop a clarity of intent for themselves, as well as guiding the direction of how to communicate that intent to all that one comes in contact with."

"One of the greatest tests of a business title to me is - does the material offered affect me as a person in multiple aspects of my life? Am I introduced to a deeper understanding of myself and enabled to place that understanding into my actions? Leading Out Loud™ passes these tests, allowing my colors to fly with new definition."

— Ken Farber
VP Human Resources
Preview Travel

"Leading Out Loud is a must read. An ability to communicate well is probably the single most important attribute an engineer or manager can have. Lucid, practical, and principled, this book cuts to the heart of the matter."

Engineering Management Review

"This book is your big chance to be a fly on the wall at critical meetings led by CEOs and politicians throughout the country."

Clearly, Pearce's messages are also worth listening to - both in and out of the boardroom."

Sales & Marketing Management

"This book is a gem. I make it required reading for all clients and the executives of each company where I'm involved in transformation efforts."

This book teaches people the real differences between 'managing' and 'leading.' Terry Pearce's thinking and writing is dead on target. Buy it and use. It's terrific!"

— Jason Jennings, Author
It's Not The Big That Eat The Small....

"Pearce digs beyond style into substance, and even deeper, into conviction.... If you fret about making your speaker believable -- if you want to craft language that does more than disappear in the pool of rhetoric with scarce a ripple to show for it -- in other words, if you want to help folks communicate in a believable, sustainable way that makes a difference -- that''s 'leadership communication.' And this book can help set you on the right road."

— Ken Askew
Communication Consultant
Former White House speechwriter

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