Leading Out Loud

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Leaders, by definition, move other people to change. But in the past decade, cynicism and fear have increased substantially among the public, and enthusiasm to embrace any leader’s call for reform -- be it in business or government -- has been considerably dampened.

In the face of this negative shift in attitude, many leaders attempt to motivate by threatening livelihood or offering rewards. Compliance, however, is no longer adequate to gain competitive advantage or to solve social problems.

Increasingly, leaders must instill commitment in others rather than merely demanding compliance. People must take individual and collective responsibility for the accomplishments and failures of their organizations or governments if those organizations are to thrive.

Leading Out Loud™ is written as a tool for speakers and communication professionals to bridge the gap between symbolic and substantive speaking.

Anyone who is interested in being effective as an advocate of change can use this book. It is a guide to real self-expression, and its use can transform a speech -- what to some is an uncomfortable experience -- into a moving encounter for both the speaker and the audience.

The concepts and practices form an excellent template for any communication. Accordingly, it will be helpful to anyone who wishes to influence others. The work is the culmination of nearly three decades of experience as an executive and coach.

In every part of my career, I have found wide responsiveness to these ideas. In fact, I have found a great need for a guide that would encourage and assist people in tapping their own source of conviction.

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