Leadership Communication

Leading Out Loud™ Overview
This program provides executives or managers with a method and some examples of communicating to inspire commitment to change.





Participants learn the principles of leadership communication and then practice some of the following elements of authenticity:

  • Establishing competence and trustworthiness
  • Acknowledging resistance without changing plans
  • Building shared context
  • Communicating evidence from the mind and heart
  • Offering and asking for action…the sign of commitment

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Leading Out Loud™ - The Workshop
Designed by Terry Pearce and Blessing White, this three-day workshop teaches executives or middle managers to communicate to inspire those in their own sphere of influence.

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Clicks and Mortar™ - Overview
A purposeful culture provides the unwavering stability needed for organizations to rapidly transform their strategies and structure as the market dictates.

Values provide the fuel individuals need to achieve organizational goals and personal fulfillment. Authentic leadership incorporates not only business competence, but also personal credibility and character, inspiring workforce commitment and creating an environment where risk taking, innovation, and individual contribution flourish.

The Clicks and Mortar Suite of programs includes the following processes:

  • Organizational Values Clarification
  • Culture Scan
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Senior Executive Session
  • Manager Program
  • Workforce Initiatives

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