Leadership Communication

Short Sessions - Overview
These sessions are designed to provide small groups with some in-depth understanding and experience with the ideas in Leading Out Loud and Clicks and Mortar.

Terry will provide an overview, and then engage the group in dialogue or practice around some of the principles.

"Leading Out Loud™: The Authentic Speaker, The Credible Leader."©
Based on the best-selling business book of the same name, this three to four hour session focuses on leadership communication in the information age.

Terry explains how leaders can communicate to inspire commitment rather than to merely require compliance.

Mixing valuable information with entertaining anecdotes, metaphor, examples from his own clients, and participant exercises, Pearce inspires the audience to view the power of communication in new ways. Excellent for executive or management conferences.

"Clicks and Mortar ...Passion-Driven Growth in an Internet-Driven World"©
Terry speaks about the two elements needed to thrive in today's environment -- a solid culture and a new brand of leadership. These elements are pivotal in institutionalizing the ability to change rapidly, to create loyalty in employees and customers. He addresses the following questions:

  1. What is culture and what functions does it fill?
  2. How does a leader create and sustain culture?
  3. What are the new core competencies of leadership?
  4. How do individuals develop and sustain character and the ability to communicate?

Either program can be synopsized as a stimulating keynote address.

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